Can You Believe It?

Can you believe it?  I have actually made up for my slackness with 3 posts for the day.  As the Marines say, oh so well, “Ooo-rah!”  (A salute to all you Marines out there!)

Today was a fun day, having a friend to paint with in the studio.  We did our painting and our girly talk and had a productive day in both areas.  I got out of my comfort zone and painted a landscape.  Gail did a beach figurative scene.  This was our first time to ever paint on a 6×6 canvas and we were both a little nervous about it.  But, as with most of life, we fret over things only to find out that we can survive and all our worry is usually for naught.

6×6 Autumn’s Creek – Oil on Canvas

Well, I pooped out and tomorrow’s a big day.  I hope to paint in the morning and one of our son-in-laws is coming for the weekend.  He’s a South Carolina grad and we’re watching the Auburn/South Carolina game with him…we’ll both be nervous and cheering, just for different teams.  No matter what, we’ll have fun and that’s what it’s all about.

Here’s wishing you a fabulous weekend!






I was going through photos to find some good reference material for some paintings and came across some more of my older paintings.  Here they are:

10×12  Oil on Canvas

14×16 Oil on Canvas

24×28 Oil on Canvas

10×14 Acrylic

12×16 Oil on Canvas

12×16 Oil

6×6 – Pen and Ink

16×20 Watercolor

I Declare!

I declare, this “doing a painting a day” is harder work than one might think.  But, I am determined to do this and I WILL PREVAIL some way, somehow.  I just want you, my accountability partners, to know this, I AM NOT GIVING UP!  If I only get one painting done a week, it’s a painting and it’s progress. There are 2 more “buts” here, and those are – (1.)but, I still plan to paint EVERY day.  True, I’m falling on my face so far in making this consistently happen, and I know I’ll “fail” some more (I do have a life outside the studio), (2.)but, I am determined to do my best to really turn out some work.

Today I am heading down to the studio, and a long time friend is meeting me down there.  So-o-o, today the plan is that we BOTH will put out a painting by the end of the day.  I’m figuring there will be plenty of laughter along the way to that end.  Gail, my friend, and I used to own an arty little shop together back in our younger days.  It was in an old smokehouse on my property.  We always hung bunches of rosemary with ribbons from the rafters and to this day, the smell of rosemary holds the fondest of memories for us both.  Our little shop began when we decided to get together one evening at Gail’s to make a few Christmas ornaments…by the time the night was over, we had created a dream that we would work to make come true and did.  Never underestimate your dreams.

Take the steps to make your dreams come true!