My Etsy Shop

Well, after much contemplating (too much contemplating), I have now opened an Etsy Shop.  I will be listing paintings, stained glass panels and other creations through the coming months.  Sometimes we have to take a plunge and this is my plunge for the year.  The water is deep but I am a good swimmer so I’ll be fine.  If you are the curious type, you can view my shop by clicking HERE.

Since I have last posted, which has been way too long ago, I have begun doing a few more stained glass panels.  One, already sold, will be used in an antique door, replacing it’s top panel with this piece.

Cross and Tulips - Sold

My oldest daughter is having a formal wedding celebration (they did not have one 6 years ago when they were married).  So, deciding that I wanted to do something a bit unique, I created 43 little Brides and Grooms to be place above the floral arrangements on each table at the reception.  Here are a few photos of these little guys and dolls:

A Bride and Groom

Dancing Brides and Grooms

All in all, I have been busy, but having fun none the less.  With spring’s arrival, we have climbed aboard Barefootin’ again and have a few small trips under our belt thus far.   It’s wonderful to see the flowers blooming, the hummingbirds back at the feeders and all the wildlife around the farm busy building spots for their newborn.  Spring is such a wonderful time of the year.

It is one of my goals to begin posting more regularly and to share friends’ creations with you as I receive their photos.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend to soak in the newness of spring with all its many delights!




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