“Oops, I Did It Again…”

Feeling Quite Overwhelmed With My Inadequacies

Well, as much as I may hate having to take a quote from Britney Spears, it just so states the fact.  I have procrastinated, fallen off the horse, lost my vision, piddled, done everything but…, YET AGAIN!  And, where are you guys who are supposed to hold me accountable…though I realize it’s pretty much an impossible job.  May I say, I NEED YOU!!!!

If I could make money piddlin’, I’d be a rich woman.  (and, I’m not proud of this at all)

Okay, I’m heading down to the studio and I will paint today.  I have two commissions to get done, a pen and ink and a glass panel.  I am so ADDH or whatever those initials should be for one who can focus here and there and over yonder and under there and do it all in the span of 5 minutes and yet can’t focus on just one thing for any amount of time.  I drive Clint nuts, and little does he know that I drive myself nuts!!  Seriously!!!!

I did update our boating blog this morning (I’m only a year behind…ask Jim Kuemmel), but I am trying to catch up.  And, I am on here because I know if I stick my neck out and blog, someone will read it and remind me of what I’ve said here…

A round of applause to all of you who are so focused.  I pray I will get there.

Still I smile…I love life.