Back At It, Yeehah!

Clint, the dogs and I are back from our trip downstream on the Tennessee River and it’s time to pick up the paintbrush again.  : )  I’m actually working on two paintings which are mixed media and about to begin another one, a commissioned piece.

I’m afraid my studio had no trouble letting me know that I’d been away too long.  Besides the dried up paint on palettes, I had a maze of spider webs of all sorts to dodge and clean up.  I’d say that’s pretty pitiful, wouldn’t you?  I get mad at myself easily enough, so rather than focus on what I haven’t done, I am determined to press forward.  Kicking myself in the booty is only going to be counter-productive at this point.

I also have a glass panel in the works, and will have to get to that soon too.  As I am sure you have already noted, I am a procrastinator of the worst sort.  I can only tell you that my heart is in the right place and I do so mean to do better.  And, I do have some wonderful and interesting and sorted excuses as to my low production of art, but I will leave all that to your imagination.

Right now I am pondering methods of motivation, struggling to understand what makes me “move it, move it!”  You see, it’s like this, I’m a people person (I’ve probably told you this before).  I am motivated by laughter, talk, seeing other’s creation, just being with other creative people.  I guess that’s ridiculous, but, dang it, it’s true.  A lousy excuse, but it is mine.  Therefore, I have got to find ways to be around these other creative people and I’m quessing that there are other creative sorts who feel just the same as I do.  Those are the people I need.

Now, if you’re like my husband, who, were he to be on a deserted island for a year, he’d still mow and groom everything to perfection, he’d cook actual meals, he’d have everything just so-so.  If you are like Clint, you are NOT going to understand my predicament at all.  Oh, well.  But, if you are slightly grinning and shaking your head slowly up and down, then you DO understand me and, feel my frustration.

I either need to find some “competition,” like you paint and I’ll paint (not a “who’s better”), or get others to set up shop in the farmhouse studio along with my studio, or meet someone or two to paint somewhere REGULARLY.  (…please don’t laugh at me using that word, I am trying to think positively here…)

Okay, Oz (me) has spoken, now to get my rear end into gear.  Since my three paintings that are in the works are not completed, I will leave you with one I haven’t posted.

Alexis and Ken, "The Kiss" 2005, oil on canvas

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Okay, Oz (me), has spoken.  I’m back at it, yeehah!


2 thoughts on “Back At It, Yeehah!

  1. I totally get you with the procrastination/motivation issue. I bought Lightroom 3 a while back for photography, and I keep putting off learning it. I desperately want to, because I need an effective and efficient photography editing process, but it’s incredibly daunting. It’s not that I don’t want to learn it, but I know it’ll take several days glued to my computer, watching tutorials on my netbook, etc. Plus, photography stuff is usually a reward for me, so I allow myself to do everything else before actually taking the time to learn about these programs. But then I don’t actually get to that point, because there’s no more time left. That’s part of the reason I’m not working until the new year, because I want some dedicated learning time. I just need the motivational kick in the butt to make it a top priority and put other things aside so I can learn it.

    • Okay, Heidi, let’s challenge each other. Tell me what you want to accomplish (you name your side of the the challenge) and I’ll give myself a goal on my end and we both have to finish that much in a specific amount of time. Clint and I are, unfortunately and yet, fortunately, so loaded with things we are doing with friends/family that I have a real challenge squishing in my work, so give our goal time at least a week or two (I have 5 days of travel coming up).

      Are we on?


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