Alive and Ticking in 2013

Oil, 11x14 - $300

Mingo Road Farm – Oil, 11×14 $300

Mingo Road Farm which was completed in 2012 along with more that I have got to post. I promised to get things moving again soon. I’m afraid winter tries to turn me into a gloomy old goat and I soooo need to be better at not giving in. Shame on me! Seems like I should be more productive on inside things when it’s cold and gloomy out and yet, no, I just want to sulk instead.

Does winter bug you? Have you figured out how to beat the blues? If so, give us your pointers for overcoming the winter blahs.

It’s truly good to be back. Now to get to creating once again.


Still Painting


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Clint and I are going to hit the river (Barefootin’) for 4 days, taking the dogs along with us. I will get back to painting next Thursday if all goes as planned. (you know how that goes…)

Thanks so much for hanging in there with me. Smiles to ya!

Back At It, Yeehah!

Clint, the dogs and I are back from our trip downstream on the Tennessee River and it’s time to pick up the paintbrush again.  : )  I’m actually working on two paintings which are mixed media and about to begin another one, a commissioned piece.

I’m afraid my studio had no trouble letting me know that I’d been away too long.  Besides the dried up paint on palettes, I had a maze of spider webs of all sorts to dodge and clean up.  I’d say that’s pretty pitiful, wouldn’t you?  I get mad at myself easily enough, so rather than focus on what I haven’t done, I am determined to press forward.  Kicking myself in the booty is only going to be counter-productive at this point.

I also have a glass panel in the works, and will have to get to that soon too.  As I am sure you have already noted, I am a procrastinator of the worst sort.  I can only tell you that my heart is in the right place and I do so mean to do better.  And, I do have some wonderful and interesting and sorted excuses as to my low production of art, but I will leave all that to your imagination.

Right now I am pondering methods of motivation, struggling to understand what makes me “move it, move it!”  You see, it’s like this, I’m a people person (I’ve probably told you this before).  I am motivated by laughter, talk, seeing other’s creation, just being with other creative people.  I guess that’s ridiculous, but, dang it, it’s true.  A lousy excuse, but it is mine.  Therefore, I have got to find ways to be around these other creative people and I’m quessing that there are other creative sorts who feel just the same as I do.  Those are the people I need.

Now, if you’re like my husband, who, were he to be on a deserted island for a year, he’d still mow and groom everything to perfection, he’d cook actual meals, he’d have everything just so-so.  If you are like Clint, you are NOT going to understand my predicament at all.  Oh, well.  But, if you are slightly grinning and shaking your head slowly up and down, then you DO understand me and, feel my frustration.

I either need to find some “competition,” like you paint and I’ll paint (not a “who’s better”), or get others to set up shop in the farmhouse studio along with my studio, or meet someone or two to paint somewhere REGULARLY.  (…please don’t laugh at me using that word, I am trying to think positively here…)

Okay, Oz (me) has spoken, now to get my rear end into gear.  Since my three paintings that are in the works are not completed, I will leave you with one I haven’t posted.

Alexis and Ken, "The Kiss" 2005, oil on canvas

Don’t forget to visit my Etsy Shop, just click on the Etsy Shop info to the right on this page.

Okay, Oz (me), has spoken.  I’m back at it, yeehah!

“Oops, I Did It Again…”

Feeling Quite Overwhelmed With My Inadequacies

Well, as much as I may hate having to take a quote from Britney Spears, it just so states the fact.  I have procrastinated, fallen off the horse, lost my vision, piddled, done everything but…, YET AGAIN!  And, where are you guys who are supposed to hold me accountable…though I realize it’s pretty much an impossible job.  May I say, I NEED YOU!!!!

If I could make money piddlin’, I’d be a rich woman.  (and, I’m not proud of this at all)

Okay, I’m heading down to the studio and I will paint today.  I have two commissions to get done, a pen and ink and a glass panel.  I am so ADDH or whatever those initials should be for one who can focus here and there and over yonder and under there and do it all in the span of 5 minutes and yet can’t focus on just one thing for any amount of time.  I drive Clint nuts, and little does he know that I drive myself nuts!!  Seriously!!!!

I did update our boating blog this morning (I’m only a year behind…ask Jim Kuemmel), but I am trying to catch up.  And, I am on here because I know if I stick my neck out and blog, someone will read it and remind me of what I’ve said here…

A round of applause to all of you who are so focused.  I pray I will get there.

Still I smile…I love life.


My Etsy Shop

Well, after much contemplating (too much contemplating), I have now opened an Etsy Shop.  I will be listing paintings, stained glass panels and other creations through the coming months.  Sometimes we have to take a plunge and this is my plunge for the year.  The water is deep but I am a good swimmer so I’ll be fine.  If you are the curious type, you can view my shop by clicking HERE.

Since I have last posted, which has been way too long ago, I have begun doing a few more stained glass panels.  One, already sold, will be used in an antique door, replacing it’s top panel with this piece.

Cross and Tulips - Sold

My oldest daughter is having a formal wedding celebration (they did not have one 6 years ago when they were married).  So, deciding that I wanted to do something a bit unique, I created 43 little Brides and Grooms to be place above the floral arrangements on each table at the reception.  Here are a few photos of these little guys and dolls:

A Bride and Groom

Dancing Brides and Grooms

All in all, I have been busy, but having fun none the less.  With spring’s arrival, we have climbed aboard Barefootin’ again and have a few small trips under our belt thus far.   It’s wonderful to see the flowers blooming, the hummingbirds back at the feeders and all the wildlife around the farm busy building spots for their newborn.  Spring is such a wonderful time of the year.

It is one of my goals to begin posting more regularly and to share friends’ creations with you as I receive their photos.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend to soak in the newness of spring with all its many delights!



Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Dropping by today just to let my readers know that I am busy painting.  I started a scene from Brookgreen Gardens, just south of Myrtle Beach, yesterday.  This one will take a bit more than a day, therefore “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  Three friends and I went to Brookgreen this fall, we went to the Gardens 2 days in a row and could have gone more – beautiful place with so much to see.  The painting is from a friend’s photo taken while we were there.

Top – Chatting about the gardens, Bottom – The Gardens have sculptures galore, realistic/whimsical/you name it, if you love gardens, history, sculptures, and/or animals/butterflies (they have a small zoo and butterfly house too), you’ll want to visit Brookgreen Gardens

Today I’ve got to focus on homework and study for a boat piloting class (this class is provided by Chattanooga Sail and Power Squadron, along with many other great classes) that I am taking.  (not exactly under duress, but, honestly, I would prefer focusing on my painting).  With that comment out, I will admit to loving the articulate nature of this course and I am enjoying the math/algebra/geometry (whatever) that’s involved.  Stirs the brain a bit and that’s always welcomed at this age.  (which reminds me, I did finally turn 60 this month).

With a little luck, I will have another painting for you to see by Thursday evening.  Hold me accountable!

I hope this note finds you working on making your dreams come true, the large or the small.  The size doesn’t matter, just that yo

u are working daily towards something that really matters to you.  It might be a goal that you reach with no one else even noticing, and who cares.  You are the one in control of your life and dreams…keep plugging!



Happy New Year!

Well, I’m finally back at it.  It felt so good to head back down to the studio and paint again.  : )

Today’s my big 6-0 birthday, we’re headed to my parents to celebrate this evening.   I had to cut my studio time short, but I did get another painting under my belt.

Today’s painting:

Sunset – Oil on Canvas

I hope each of you have plans to make 2011 special.  This is a great year to push ourselves to accomplish something new in our lives.  Wishing each of you great success this year.